Leroy Young’s love of archery was his guide as he started developing archery accessories in the 1950’s for his friends and himself.  Leroy and his wife Judy started Lee’s Archery in their garage in the 1950’s.  He had a knack for creating items that appealed to shooters of all skill levels, from professional to amateur archers, and offered his designs to archers in the Midwest.


The couple focused full time on the growth of their company in 1965 when they moved to a 4,500 sq. ft. building.  That facility provided more space for manufacturing, as well as a retail store and shooting range for archery lessons.  Over the next few decades the business, now known as Neet Products, continued to grow, including original manufacturing equipment for companies such as Hoyt, Ben Pearson, Wing, Harley-Davidson and many others. This growth required major facility expansions in 1973, 1986 and 1993. These additions brought them to the 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex that is now home to Neet Products.


Judy and Leroy are no longer with us, but their daughter Brenda has taken the helm and constantly strives to maintain the high standards that the Young family had set in quality and functionality, solidifying their reputation for being the best.  This commitment starts from using quality raw materials, and continues through the craftsmanship of the products and customer support after purchase.


Building from rich history, Neet looks forward to continuing to expand their product line to support the passions of archers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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